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Population Health

As a global leader in digital healthcare technology, iHealth offers "iHealth Next", a comprehensive healthcare solution with a line of award-winning mobile health devices, with the goal of enabling individuals to achieve a better quality of life, and connecting healthcare professionals and patients.

FDA-Approved Mobile Health Devices

With a full spectrum of award-winning and FDA-approved smart medical devices, iHealth Next is an one-stop shop for your healthcare management needs, with integrated software solutions.

Patient Engagement Platform

iHealth Next offers combined mobile and web platforms to engage patients by providing clear channels for communication, flexible ways of implementing care plans, and smart feedback.

Secure Services

iHealth Next secures patients data by using secure tokens for authentications, encrypting it when it is sent from devices to mobile phones, and from browsers to our servers. We are fully complied with the HIPAA and HITECH.

Quick & Adaptive

We use the most advanced mobile and web technologies to build our solutions, so that your can rest assure that the your requests will be done quickly, and in great quality.

Population Health

Population Health Solution

Award-winning mobile health devices

Allow healthcare professionals to access validated health data at anytime.

Real-time data analytics allow for instant communication

Our advanced technologies enables real-time data availability, which triggers smart alerts and reminders automatically.

Patient Engagement

Flexible care plans & group coaching programs to engage participants.


Diabetes Management -- iGluco Pro

iGluco Pro is a mobile diabetes management application and clinical practice tool that helps certified diabetes educators (CDEs) maintain a real-time connection with their patients between visits. It allows patients with diabetes to share their blood sugar levels, physical activity, nutrition intake, and medication use with their educator.

Behavioral Coaching

Increases adherence to recommendations, and monitors and intervenes on nutrition intake and physical activity.

Goal Setting

Sets patients up for success, and improves glycemic control.

24x7 Support

Connects patients to contracted CDEs between visits, keeps patients engaged, hence decreases no-show rates for follow-up appointments.

Integrated Wireless Smart Glucose Meter

iHealth Gateway

iHealth Gateway

Plug & Forget Health Monitoring System

Ideal for hospital, senior housing, and independent living seniors.

Solution Specific Devices

Maximum security, and no pairing needed.

Secure & Seamless Data Transfer

No manual logging or syncing, data seamlessly transferred to iHealth secure cloud.

Easy Data Access

Access patients' key vitals and biometric data via secure cloud and mobile devices

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